Oud Chips / Agarwood A Grade- 10gram


  • Species: Aquilaria Subintegra
  • Origin: Perak, Malaysia
  • Application: Fumigation
  • Cultivation: Plantation
  • Inoculum: 100% Organic
  • Available in bulk with minimum 1kg

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From Malaysian plantation, this organic non chemical oud chips is very suitable to burn in special occasions and also for every day used. Just burn a little bit to feel the relaxing and calming aromas coming from the chip. Enjoy the beautiful scent.

  • Helps in stomachache
  • Lower the blood pressure
  • Prevent aging
  • Prevent and cure tumor
  • Mind relaxing
  • Cure asthma



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Additional information

Weight10 g

Aquilaria Malaccensis, Aquilaria Subintegra

Bahasa Melayu

Kayu gaharu daripada spesis Aquilaria Subintegra ini sesuai untuk dibakar semasa majlis keraian dan juga pada hari biasa. Hanya dibakar sedikit sahaja untuk merasai ketenangan aroma dari kayu gaharu tersebut.

  • Mengatasi sakit perut
  • Menurunkan tekanan darah
  • Mencegah penuaan
  • Mencegah dan mengubati tumor
  • Menenangkan fikiran
  • Mengubati asma

Bulk 1 kg

USD 2000 per kg

Minimum order 1kg
Supply availability: 10kg



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